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About asthma physiologic readiness for discharge (PRD)

Hi all,

I am working at the all of us program which uses CDM for its EHR data. I am trying to analyze length of stay for asthma patients. I have been able to estimate length of stay using visit_ocurrence:visit_start_date and visit_ocurrence:visit_end_date. However, asthma LOS is better estimated from physiologic readiness for discharge (PRD) for asthma patients. Medical criteria for PRD varied across institutions, but for asthma, albuterol spacing every 4 hours (q4h) is a good criteria to discharge patients. I wonder if this kind of information is stored in CDM, if yes, what table/field/athena-concept is? (discharged_to_source_value?)


Thank you for your question @maurosc3ner . Medication dosing and frequency is not used for discharge information to estimate length of stay and is not stored in the CDM, but clinical facts are, such what you have used (visit_start_date and visit_end_date). I hope this answers your question.