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A curated and standardized adverse drug event resource

Ready for the OHDSI community – a curated and standardized version of FAERS removing duplicate case records, applying standardized vocabularies with drug names mapped to RxNorm concepts and outcomes mapped to SNOMED-CT concepts, and pre-computed summary statistics about drug-outcome relationships for general consumption.

Thanks to Juan Banda and Lee Evans for seeing this through!

Where is it?

Here is the link:


I need to learn to use forums properly – here it is,

The curated FAERS data is one of the data feeds for the LAERTES knowledge base, so it’s accessible in the OHDSI cloud using the OHDSI Penelope application,


Can you elaborate on how to access this database where FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) are mapped to RxNorm and SNOMED?

Thank you in advance,