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2020 OHDSI Symposium Scientific Review Committee - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

(Maura Beaton) #1

We’re looking for volunteers to join the 2020 OHDSI Scientific Review Committee. As a member of the committee you will have the opportunity to play an active role in this year’s symposium and help us make important decisions about what will be included in the 2020 OHDSI Symposium.

Responsibilities of the scientific review committee include:

  • Actively participate in committee meetings (meetings will take place on a semi-regular basis starting in February)
  • Deciding what types of presentation styles will be part of the collaborator showcase
  • Reviewing 10-15 abstract submissions for the collaborative showcase
  • Selecting lightning-talk speakers
  • Moderating sessions, if applicable
  • Working to make this year’s symposium a collaborative and engaging environment where OHDSI collaborators and newcomers can come together to share ideas and work toward’s OHDSI mission, vision and values

The scientific review committee will first convene in February, 2020 and hold regular meetings in March, July, August and possibly September.

If you’re interested in joining the scientific committee, please reply to this thread, or email me at beaton@ohdsi.org by Friday, February 7th

Weekly OHDSI Digest - 3Feb2020
(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #2

Hi Maura - year 6, count me in!!!

(Hanieh Razzaghi) #3

Hi! Me too.

(Christophe Lambert) #4

I am willing to serve again this year.
Christophe Lambert

(Andrew Williams) #5

Me too.

(Rupa Makadia ) #6

Count me in Maura!

(qiongwang) #7

Maura, count me in if need.

(Leanne Goldstein) #8

I’d like to help.

(David) #9

Hi Maura,

I’d be interested to contribute.


(Iannis Drakos) #10

I would be glad to participate and support the 2020 symposium.

(Sarah Seager) #11

I’d be happy to help

(Melanie Philofsky) #12

I like the new title! I would like to participate on the committee this year.

(Lisa Schilling) #13

I’d like to help out!

(Maura Beaton) #14

Thank you everyone who volunteered for the 2020 Scientific Review Committee. I’ve just sent an email to all volunteers. If you did not receive this email, please email me at beaton@ohdsi.org to let me know.


I would like to participate.