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10-Minute Tutorials During June 8 OHDSI Community Call

Our first 10-Minute Tutorial community call session was so popular we couldn’t wait long to have a second edition. Check out the open-source tools that and presenters who will lead us in tomorrow’s community call (11 am ET), and learn how they can aid in your observational health research!

PHOEBE (@aostropolets)
Cohort Diagnostics (@Gowtham_Rao)
ATC Heirarchy (@Christian_Reich)

If you don’t already have the calendar invite, you can join the meeting directly or watch the recordings afterwards at our Community Calls page.

Our APAC colleagues hosted their own 10-minute tutorial session recently, and those recordings are now available.

White Rabbit (Xialin Wang)
Data Quality Dashboard (@SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN) due to technical issues, this ended prior to the finish