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(Maura Beaton) #1

The Women of OHDSI group is seeking to create leadership opportunities for women within the OHDSI community. As part of this, we plan to hold a ‘book club discussion’ during an upcoming WoO call. We’re particularly interested in books focused on developing leadership skills.

To help us select a book, we invite you to post any book recommendations you have. Books should specifically focus on leadership development and preferably be written for a female audience. Please also include a short description of the book and highlight aspects of the book you felt were particularly helpful.

(Anthony Sena) #2

Here are a few recommendations to get things started. I will offer up that these books were used as part of a leadership course I was fortunate to take a few years back and the class was evenly split between women and men. The course consisted of reading ~30 books and we then had group discussions to understand people impressions, takeaways and how they planned to apply these lessons in their organizations. So while these books are not specifically written for a female leaders, I can say that lessons imparted in the books resonated with female leaders in that course.

Here are a few from that course and I’ve ordered them in terms of my recommendations:

The Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Power: A Book About Leadership, Self-Empowerment, and Personal Growth

This is really good for group discussion since a) its short (75 pg) so most people don’t feel burdened and b) it promotes the idea of creating larger circles that enables people to contribute with their talents.

Leadership is an Art

While this book is written by a CEO, the lessons imparted by Depree go beyond corporate governance and “command and control” type leadership. Instead, the idea here is that leaders provide a vision and mission, connects with team members to understand their values and to provide them with the support to help reach that shared vision.

True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership

This review is a good summary:

True North is about the power of authentic leadership. Great leaders are defined by a sense of passion and purpose and by a profound desire to make a difference. Anyone can find their own True North, if you care deeply and love what you do. This book is a wonderful roadmap for how to get started on the journey.”
—Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO, Avon Products, Inc.

(Maura Beaton) #4

Thanks @anthonysena these are some great suggestions!

The next Women of OHDSI call is this coming Tuesday, April 16th at 2pmET. On that call we’ll be selecting which book we want to read. If you have a book suggestion you’d like to make, please post your suggestion here by Tuesday at 2pm.

(Maura Beaton) #5

One book that was recommended to me is:

It provides a number of couching tips to help women navigate office politics, managing expectations, managing people and making our voices heard.

Women of OHDSI Meeting - 16Apr2019 at 2pm ET
(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #6

I just finished reading and highly recommend:

Jean Case’s narrative pulls together case studies from successful leaders and her own hands-on time at National Geographic. The book is well structured, offering segmented advice around the 5 principles of “Fearlessness” that Jean touts. Overall, it’s a fast read and digestible construct. I walked away inspired and excited to use Jean’s advice as I started a new chapter in my professional career.

(Chun Yee Lau) #7

@MauraBeaton: I was just about to post about this book as well. I really like the format of the book where she has you take a quiz to target the areas that you want to improve on and for each chapters she describes problem more in detail and at the end of the chapter offers you tips to change the behavior.

(Erica Voss) #8

Read this for PDUs a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Talks about leadership when climbing Mt Everest, when things could be life or death.

(Gregory Klebanov) #9

My favorites

The First 90 Days (Michael D. Watkins)

Winning (Jack Welsh)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change (Stephen R. Covey)

Enjoy! And now I am going to have to re-read it myself!