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What is difference between concept_id and source_concept_id?

(Micheal ) #1

In person table, there are various type of source, concept_id fields as source_value, concept_id, source_concept_id.
I know the concept_id which is generated by OMOP, source_value which is for mapping with concept_id for standardizing, but what does source_concept_id exist for?

Thank you all


Hi Micheal,

In short, source_concept_id represents the concept from source data which can be found in OMOP Vocabularies. For example, source data has ICD10 code ‘M05.04’ (“Felty syndrome, hand”). Looking this code up in OMOP Vocabularies, we get concept_id=42616532 – this is the source_concept_id, as it’s obtained from source data. This concept, however, is non-standard, but Concept Relationship table provides the mapping to a standard concept 81097, which can be put in concept_id field.
For this example, source_value=‘M05.04’, source_concept_id=42616532, concept_id=81097.
A brief description of different field types in CDM can be found here on GitHub.

(Micheal ) #3

Okay, for clear summary of this,
The source_value is an original raw data, and source_concept_id is that the source_value_code is translated into the id, and the standard_concept_id is only used in OMOP-CDM, being translated into the standard from source_concept_id.
Please tell me if I am wrong

Thank you


Yes, that’s correct.

(Micheal ) #5

Thank you rookie :slight_smile:
your saying helped me a lot.