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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Travis Gerke) #344

Hi all,

I’m Travis Gerke, a cancer epidemiologist and biostatistician at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. In addition to my faculty role with research interests in integrative molecular epidemiology and prognostic modeling, I also serve as Scientific Director of Moffitt’s Collaborate Data Services Core, an institutional shared resource that acts as a gateway to the cancer center’s data assets via provisioning and study design consultation.

I and my research group conduct R development as part of several research projects, and are huge proponents of open data practices. I’m beyond excited to have stumbled on OHDSI and am excited to learn more.


(Kevin J Land MD) #345

HI all,

I am Kevin Land, a Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy Physician at Vitalant a national blood center. I am involved with many different data collecting projects on the donor and recipient sides of blood and cellular therapy through my roles as chair of the International Society of Blood Transfusion’s Working Party on Haemovigilance and board member of the International Haemovigilance Network. Recently, various organizations within the blood/cell therapy world are considering the need for standardized vocabulary and are beginning to develop multiorganizational groups to address this need. FDA advisors have pointed us to the OMOP CDM as a potential final place to house our donor and recipient vocabularies. Like many others, I am very interested in learning more about OHDSI. Best - Kevin

(Alberto Gil Jimenez) #346

Hi all,
I am Alberto Gil, and I am currently working as a Bioinformatician at The Hyve, an IT startup in which we leverage open-source solutions for Life and Health sciences. I am working in a team in which we develop and implement solutions to exploit the most of real world data based on the OMOP CDM and OHDSI tools (https://thehyve.nl/solutions/ohdsi/).

Looking forward to learn and provide great input to the community!