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TRIPOD- question

(qiongwang) #1

Hi All,

I am doing the TRIPOD checklist, for the [Sample size] 8: Explain how the study size was arrived at.

Could I consider Target cohort definition is the “Explain how the study size was arrived at”?

(qiongwang) #2

BTW, why people/OHDSI don’t develop a checklist like RECORD(Report in observation studies using routinely collected health data) particularly for our PLP study, to compare it to TRIPOD?

(Benjamin Skov Kaas Hansen) #3

Hi Qiongwnag,

I think checklist means to say that you should justify that your sample size is sufficient for the performance you want from your model. See this paper with more explanations (item 8 is a about half-way down): https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2088542/transparent-reporting-multivariable-prediction-model-individual-prognosis-diagnosis-tripod-explanation.


(qiongwang) #4

Very helpful, thank you!!

(Benjamin Skov Kaas Hansen) #5

No worries!