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Targeted therapy

(Yuri) #1

Could you give me an advice, please, how can be mapped “Targeted therapy” cancer treatment option?
An administration of drugs, like gefitinib etc.
I didn’t find any standart concept for it.

(Christian Reich) #2


This is not a clean term. Usually, it means anticancer drugs that are not chemotherapies (poisons that kill rapidly dividing cancer cells quicker than the healthy cells) and hormones. Try ATC classes 21603754 “Monoclonal antibodies” and 21603771 “Protein kinase inhibitors”.

(Yuri) #3

Thanks a lot!

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

@Christian_Reich, what do you mean

the classes are not standard so how can he use them in CDM?

(Christian Reich) #5

What? Didn’t you just teach the class? They are C concepts and you can use the hierarchy to get all the S concepts belonging to them.