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Smaller ANCESTOR table in the new download

(Hamed Abedtash) #1

Hi @Dymshyts, I just downloaded the CDM Vocab, and noticed CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table is about half smaller than the previous download. Has been there any changes in populating the ancestry records? Just double-checking.


(Christian Reich) #2


Welcome back. We ran into issue, and then the holidays hit. Finalizing now.


(Dmytry Dymshyts) #3

Hi, @abedtash_hamed
And it affects only NDFRT and VA Class relationships to RxNorm (Extension),
I doubt you use these anywhere. So in general it should be fine.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

Just talked to @Christian_Reich,

He meant ATC saying

And NDFRT and VA Class disappearance is correct as NLM doesn’t support them anymore.
They have MED-RT classification we are working on now.

(Hamed Abedtash) #5

Hi Christian, It’s good to be back after a long vacation :smiley: Thanks for the update.

(Hamed Abedtash) #6

Thanks @Dymshyts! No worries, we have no use case for VA and NDFRT now. It should be OK. Thanks for the update.

(Christian Reich) #7

You are welcome. Except Dima is right: It’s the death of NDF-RT that caused the shortfall, not ATC.

(Hamed Abedtash) #8

Got it. Thanks!