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Replicate ResDAC phenotypes for chronic conditions

(Vojtech Huser) #1

In efforts to build phenotype library (in addition to PheKB), it would be interesting to replicated ResDAC phenotypes defined here


We use VRDC platform and use those flags all the time and to make comparable analysis in OHDSI network, having them as OHDSI cohort would be very powerful.

For example, for OPIOIDS, there are nice valuesets defined here

We could even compare if we get same results using mapped HCPCS procedure-drugs vs. CCW query using original source_values.

list of some examples

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

How do you know that narcotics in, for example,
T40605S Adverse effect of unspecified narcotics, sequela
T40691D Poisoning by other narcotics, accidental (unintentional), subsequent encounter

are opioids? Actually, according to ICD10CM classification, they are not.

Although building a phenotype repository is a great idea, these CCW Chronic Conditions are not phenotypes but rather sets of codes. Am I missing something on the website?