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Redundancy in standard concepts for Unit Domain


(Alberto Gil Jimenez) #1

Hi all,

I have a question regarding a (possible) issue for valid standard concepts for measurement units from the Unit domain. There seems to be redundancy between concepts from UCUM Vocabulary and SNOMED. A few examples:

  • gram: concept_id 8504 (UCUM) and concept_id 4124422 (SNOMED)
  • centimeter: concept_id 8582 (UCUM) concept_id 4122375 (SNOMED)
  • milligram per 24 hours: concept_id 8909 (UCUM) and concept_id 4122502 (SNOMED)

These are just a few examples, I found this for a lot of units.

Is there any reason behind this? (having duplicities in standard concepts for the OMOP vocabulary). Perhaps this should be taken into account for future releases of the OMOP standardized vocabularies.

thanks in advance,

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Yes, totally makes sense to map SNOMED to UCUM. The vocabulary that you’d use for units is UCUM, although I don’t see that the CDM spec explicitly states this.

(Christian Reich) #3


Well, the linking is needed, but maybe not quite as urgent. Folks can figure out g and mg and look it up in UCUM no problem, if they can do it in SNOMED. The real problem is that they are standard concepts, and therefore parallel to UCUM allowed. And they didn’t use to be. Will fix.

(Alberto Gil Jimenez) #4

@Christian_Reich great, thanks a lot! My main concern was about your last remark, that both pair of concepts were standard