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Question about Maps to

(Chai Young Jung) #1

I have a simple question.

When mapping two vocabularies, the mapping can vary depending on where you start.
It may be different between ‘from ICD10 to SNOMED’ and ‘from SNOMED to ICD10’.


45537706 198677 Maps to 2014-07-01 2099-12-31

45537706 is Cholera (A00) in ICD 10.
198677 is Cholera(63650001) in SNOMED.

So the above example means OHDSI maps from 45537706 to 198677.

OHDSI maps from ICD10 to SNOMED.

Is it right?

(Denys Kaduk) #2

When we build relationship “Maps to”, we’re also build reverse relationship “Mapped from”.
And if we take your example and look to concept_relationship table, we can find relationship between SNOMED and ICD10
198677 45537706 Mapped from 2014-07-01 2099-12-31
We mapped only to SNOMED.

(Christian Reich) #3


We always map from source concept to standard concept.

(Chai Young Jung) #4

@Denys_Kaduk Thanks for your reply.
@Christian_Reich Thanks for your comments.

And I have another question.

Some terms are mapping themselves.
What does this mean?

242 242 Maps to 1970-01-01 2099-12-31
242 242 Mapped from 1970-01-01 2099-12-31
439785 439785 Maps to 1970-01-01 2099-12-31
439785 439785 Mapped from 1970-01-01 2099-12-31
43604946 43604946 Maps to 2016-12-18 2099-12-31
43604946 43604946 Mapped from 2016-12-18 2099-12-31

(Denys Kaduk) #5

How @Christian_Reich mentioned before, all source concepts will be non-standard and we map non-standard to standard concept. Standard concepts have only mapping for themselves, because they are standard :slight_smile: