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Prepare Schema for Webapi

(Ambuj) #1

Hello All,

I have my postgres on CentOS 7 accessing it using pgAdmin4 from Windows. I already created users and OHDSI db but can’t understand the following steps mentioned. Can someone let me know what exactly is expected to be done. New connection means creating a new connection to server? because when I am trying to do so , I get an error which is attached to the post.

I have created the roles and users with the privileges and membership as mentioned in the document.

Also, do I need to have the “Can Login” option enabled while creating “ohdsi_admin” and “ohdsi_admin_user” roles? As, its not mentioned in the document so I haven’t gave the access to login.


(Chris Knoll) #2

Hi, @ambuj,
You’re following the directions correctly: you need to reconnect to the server as ohdsi_admin_user before performing the next steps so that the permissions are applied correctly.

As far as the ‘Can Login’ permission, I think you’d want to apply that to the specific accounts ohdsi_admin_user and ohdsi_app_user accounts, and not necessarily to the role, but it depends on how you want to apply your permissions to your users (by granting a role to login vs. applying the permission to the account directly). I think that’s why we didn’t put specific guidance on this in the document, but it’s definitely the case that one way or another, you will need to allow those accounts to login.So, either grant it to the role or grant it to the user, it’s your choice.

(Ambuj) #3

Great. good to know that. I tried giving extra permissions and it worked :slight_smile: