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Possible coordination of student research in OHDSI

(George Hripcsak) #1

Based on our experience with student research in OHDSI that may be duplicative, we are thinking it would be good to offer the opportunity to coordinate better. We invite student’s advisers to inform us of research projects. We can keep a list and let people know when their project overlaps an existing project. We could in theory place the list online, but we wonder if that would discourage posting, both because of fear of sharing research information too early and the effect on future patents. OHDSI research usually goes online immediately, and we have been following that very well, but we don’t want to put students at a disadvantage given the current academic system.

(Seng Chan You) #2

Sounds good, though it would not be easy.
I love this proposal, because I am a student, too. :slight_smile:

(Nigam Shah) #3

I’d be happy to enter projects into an OHDSI wide listing. Open to either decision (post online, or not).

(Christian Reich) #4

I doubt this will work. For the reasons above (if somebody really thinks something is competitive it will not be posted), and for general inertia. Such a database is a write-only thing for 99.9% of the cases, which means, nobody will care. And, if somebody abandoned an idea, will certainly not go back and “release” it. Good intent, but dead on arrival in my opinion. :slight_smile: