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PCORNet concepts in OMOP Vocabulary

(Bfurner) #1

I see on the Athena website that PCORNet concepts have been populated into the OMOP vocabulary which is wonderful. My questions are:

  1. What is the origin of these terms’ inclusion? Was there a particular use case?
  2. Are the PCORNet concepts kept up-to-date with the evolving PCORNet CDM?
  3. Is there a group that works on this PCORNet vocabulary within the ODHSI community?

Thanks much,


Brian Furner
University of Chicago

(Christian Reich) #2


We used all the PCORNet defined fields were in OMOP they correspond to Concepts, and created the necessary concepts for the field. This would facilitate conversion from OMOP to PCORNet.

They probably need a refresh.

The Vocabulary Group deals with all vocabularies.

Let us know what you need.