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Overall configuration of servers for Atlas setup and use

(Sarath Manikonda) #1

Hi All,
This is the proposed layout or configuration of servers we are planning to use for finally installing and using Atlas. We have the OMOP data tables already loaded in an Oracle DB.
Could you please let me know if this configuration works:

WebAPI - Source & source_daimon configuration for Postgresql
(Chris Knoll) #2

Your server 2 looks like it has 2 schemas on it, but it should only have 1 schema: the webapi schema.

Serve 3 should have 2 schemas: your cdm schema, and your results schema.

(Sarath Manikonda) #3

Thanks a lot for your response Chris.
We will create a new Results schema on server 3. Where I can find details of the this schema, like what tables should be created etc.

(Chris Knoll) #4

When you have webapi running you can go to to /WebAPI/ddl/results?schema=YourSchemaName&dialect=oracle