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OHDSI at AMIA Symposium 2018

(Evan Sholle) #1

Hi all,

@MauraBeaton posted a while ago about AMIA presentations - who will be attending next week’s conference? @rimma, I know you’re doing a panel on data standardization in cancer, and I saw a couple of other OHDSI names - is there any interest in a meetup (perhaps a dinner)?

OHDSI Community Call 6Nov2018 - NO MEETING
(Mehrdad Forouzanfar) #2

Would you please provide the time and location for the panel?

(Rimma Belenkaya) #3

Yes, of course, let’s get together!

Sunday or Tuesday night.

(Rimma Belenkaya) #4

Hi @Mehrdad_Forouzanfar,

The panel S77: “Data Standardization in Cancer” is on Tuesday, November 6, between 1:45 and 3:15 pm.

Hope to see you there.

(Mehrdad Forouzanfar) #5


My flight back departs at 4:00, so unfortunately I can’t attend your presentation. I hope I find the chance to meet you on Sunday or Monday.


(Ignacio Pérez) #6

Hello everyone,

I’d be interested in a meetup in SF. Both Sunday or Tuesday night work for me.

Kind regards,

(Rimma Belenkaya) #7

Looks like Sunday night is the night.

@Christian_Reich, @mgurley, @rchen, @schillil, and other OHDSI colleagues attending - please join

(Lisa Schilling) #8

OK @rimma! Let me know the time and place, I’d also like to invite a colleague, so add 1.

(Evan Sholle) #9

Let’s plan on meeting at 7pm in the Parc55 lobby - maybe we can all grab dinner.

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen is nearby and not bad but if anyone has any other thoughts, fire away.

(Mehrdad Forouzanfar) #10

Please add me. I look forward to meeting you!

(Mui Van Zandt) #11

Please add me as well. Looking forward.

(Maura Beaton) #12

Thanks @esholle for organizing! I’m planning to join the dinner tonight as well :slight_smile:

(Igor Korolev) #13

I would like to join as well for dinner. Thanks for organizing!

(Rimma Belenkaya) #14


I’m here with Anna, and she told me about suggested change of plans. Let’s meet at Parc 55 lobby at 7, as announced originally. I told some other folks and that’s where they would go.

Thank you,