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Occurring CPT 4 Errors while Importing

(Micheal ) #1

Hello, all
I’ve almost imported all the data, and now trying to query index and constraints, CPT 4.
But, some errors are being occurred while querying them

  1. When excute CPT 4 with command “java -jar cpt4.jar 5” on cmd ,
    it says, Usage: java -Dumls-user=xxx -Dumls-password=xxx -jar cpt4.jar <version = 4 or 5>

  2. When create “index” on postgresql ,
    it says “could not extend file “base/26395/28679.2”: No space left on device” although storing on Hard disk which is 1TB

  3. When import ref_CPT4.csv on postgresql
    it says “COPY delimiter must be a single one”

Thank you
Michael Joung

(Ssuvorov Fls) #2
  1. You have to provide login and password via command line or environment property.
  2. Possibly postgres doesn’t have access to free space, please check permissions. What OS are you using? Also check size limitations of your db files.
  3. Delimiters in your file contain more than one symbol, postgres can’t process them. Only one-symbol delimiters are allowed.

(Micheal ) #3

I solved 2 problems above, but only last one is left…
It wants that I change encoding type to UTF-8, but I already changed to UTF-8 a lot of times, but it couldn’t be fixed

(Ssuvorov Fls) #4

What message does postgres show?