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Mapping OMOP CDM to FHIR


(Dr. Nsikak Akpakpan) #1

Has anyone mapped OMOP CDM to FHIR? If so, where can I find the mapping?

If not, is there any interest in creating this mapping as a way to simplify integration with EHRs, since most EHRs have FHIR interfaces.


(Kristin Feeney Kostka, MPH) #2

Hi Nsikak!

There’s a lot going on related to the OMOP CDM and FHIR. @jon_duke leads the FHIR working group. The Wiki page can be found here: http://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:workgroups:fhir-wg.

There’s also this great resource from Georgia Tech: http://omoponfhir.org/


(Jon Duke) #3

You are too kind @krfeeney! @Guoqian_Jiang is primary lead on the FHIR WG, but yes the community is doing some cool stuff!

Our OMOP to FHIR mappings can be largely found here in our OMOP on FHIR github repo. Props to @myungchoi and @MikeRileyGTRI for building this awesome resource.

Feedback is welcome!