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Mapping ICD9/10 and SNOMED Codes for Chronic Medical Conditions

(Oye I.) #1

Hi everyone,

I am a fellow in epidemiology working on chronic diseases. I’m looking for case definitions of chronic conditions based on SNOMED or OMOP codes.

Do you know where I can find:

  • A list of translated codes from ICD to SNOMED / OMOP for chronic conditions? (ex. diabetes, hypertension, OSA, asthma, NAFLD, hyperlipidemia, depression)?
  • Case definitions for any of the above using SNOMED/OMOP?

Thank you!

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

seens you work together with @Patsyuchok,
please look here Case Definitions for Chronic Conditions Using SNOMED/OMOP codes?