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Looking for Recommendations on Disk Space/Memory/Processor and Server Setupfor Hosting Broadsea


It was recommended we use Linux to host Broadsea to avoid workarounds with compatibility issues with Windows server. I am looking for recommendations on disk space/memory/processor for an application server hosting the Broadsea stack. These applications like Achilles R, Atlas, and Calypso would be pulling from an OMOP DataMart that currently has 1.5 billion rows of production data and is growing everyday.

One institution I spoke with has a Windows application server with Broadsea on a Linux virtual machine. Trying to decide the best approach and any suggestions. If you are not sure and could point me to someone that could help out that would be much appreciated.

(Lee Evans) #2

@OHDSI_User I’ve deployed Broadsea at a number of organizations and I provide Broadsea commercial support through my company, LTS Computing LLC.

I’d be happy to schedule a call with you and share some recommendations, if you’d like to Direct Message me here or email me at my OHDSI email (evans@ohdsi.org).