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Handle duplicate Drug Name and select appropriate concept id

(Ambuj) #1

Hello Guys,

While mapping drug with the standard concept, I came across a scenario where the Drug Names are duplicate but their Concept_Id’s are not.

Attaching the screenshot for the same:

Please suggest which concept id to be considered to map OR what is the proper way to handle such situation in standard vocabs.


(JD Liddil) #2

42902481 and 1366353, for example are different dosage forms that you can’t see until you drill down to the complete information page


(Christian Reich) #3

They look like that, because the concept_name is 255 characters long, and if the name is longer it gets truncated. Go to CONCEPT_SYNONYM, you got the full beauty there. In Athena, you have to click on each and it will show you the synonyms also. We had to cut somewhere.

(Ambuj) #4

Great, will figure it out and re-post if additional information required.

(shweta) #5

one more similar example

its concept Synonym also has same name.
let us know which concept_id to use in such cases.
@ambuj @CSC

(Christian Reich) #6


Yeah. The devices are not de-duplicated, yet. Right now, the domains Condition, Drug, Procedure (being rolled out as we speak), Unit, Visit and all the small ones follow the rule that there is only one Standard Concept per semantic meaning. But devices are a mess. There is also no terminology available in the world we could steal in order to help us organize things. Want to help us? :slight_smile:

If you want to map to this thing just pick any of the three. If you want to create a cohort definition for patients receiving brachytherapy pick all you can find.