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Frequency of a tablet(drug) to be taken per day - Mapping field


(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #1

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to map the raw drug data from hospital to the 'Drug_exposure" table in CDM. Can anyone let me know under which field does a value like “To be taken twice a day, To be taken 3 a day”. Please note the raw data in the above case could also be 2 (twice a day), 3(thrice a day). Should it be mapped to “Sig” column? Am I right?

Looking forward to your help


(Christian Reich) #2


Yes, you are right. We haven’t done anything to standardize this field, yet. Will have to happen soon.

(Shinyoung Ju) #3

I think it will also be a great idea to have a separate field where we can calculate the days of supply value, if it does not exist in the data: days of supply=actual number of tablets patients received/Sig (to be taken n times/day). Or if Sig value does not exist in the data: Sig=actual number of tablets patients received/days of supply. What do you think?

(Christian Reich) #4

Agreed. Want to carve out how it would work and make a proposal?