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French drugs BDPM

(Sébastien Cossin) #1


I created Romedi (https://www.romedi.fr), a RxNorm-like database derived from “base publique du médicament” (http://base-donnees-publique.medicaments.gouv.fr/telechargement.php).
The first use case I would like to do is to map our national drug terminology to RxNorm, load drugs data of our hospital in the OMOP CDM and adapt our drug-drug interactions algorithms and results interface to this model.

Do you have a conceptual mapping between BDPM and RxNorm ? I found this folder on github : https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/tree/master/BDPM
I’m a newbie so any advice to get started is welcome.



(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Hi Sebastien! This sounds great. I would love to compare what you’ve got to the vocabulary we were able to produce in OMOP. Here what it looks like:
all the local vocabularies including BDPM undergo the transformation into a standard vocabulary. In lay language, we automatically map local drugs to RxNorm and, if a concept doesn’t exist, we create a RxNorm-like concept that follows the same rules of naming, semantic and hierarchical structure. This concept is subsequently built into a corpus of RxNorm Extention drugs that covers all non-US drugs that have been OMOPed so far.
How you can test it:
download the vocabularies from Athena:
http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms and follow the relationship_id = ‘Maps to’ or ‘Source - RxNorm eq’ in concept_relationship table. There you’ll be able to see mappings to both RxNorm and RxNorm Extention.