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First meeting of Clinical Trials wg is on Feb 8th

(Shawn Dolley) #1

Hey all - the wiki page for the working group is updated. Also dial in info below. Noon eastern Fri Feb 8. Would be great to see you there!

Join Webex meeting

Meeting number (access code): 628 790 972

Host key: 289077

Meeting password: tr*l

Join from a video system or application
Dial 628790972@shawndolley.my.webex.com
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Join by phone
+1-510-338-9438 USA Toll
Global call-in numbers


Hi Shawndolley,
I’m interested in the clinical trial working group.
is this webex public to everyone? I cannot see the whole password.
can you provide more information about this meeting? where is the wiki page for the working group? and what is the topic of this webex?

(Shawn Dolley) #3

Hi Ryan - I didn’t actually think of the fact that if I Made the password t-r-asterisk-l then people would think the asterisk is masking something! no that is the actual full password!
Yes it is open to all. Can you send me your real email address so I can put it on the invite object calendar object and send you an invite?

(Sonia Araujo) #4

Hi Shawn

I am Sonia from IQVIA, new here at the forums.

My past life is in clinical trials software, from study startup to EDC, regulatory and drug safety. I see the bridging between OMOP / observational research into clinical trials as a no-brainer :slight_smile: and major benefit for all.

So I’d love to join this WG and collaborate in that effort. Could you add me?

I am based in London in the UK, so cannot make the inaugural call this Friday night.

Can I cheekily suggest that subsequent calls are earlier in the day on a Friday, say 9am or 10am eastern? I am sure our fellow European colleagues would like that too.

Thanks, and have a good first call

(Shawn Dolley) #5

Hi Sonia ! can you send me your email so I can add you directly?
Yes, my original time was earlier and we had to move it back - we will make it earlier…


(Sonia Araujo) #6

Thanks, Shawn. Email sent separately.


Thanks so much, Shawn. my email sent separately.
your password is very smart lol.

(Keesvanbochove) #8

Hello Shawn,

For a.o. an IMI project called PIONEER, we are also interested in this topic from The Hyve. How did the call go?

We have some ideas on how to model clinical trials in OMOP, cc @MaximMoinat, and I would second the remark from Sonia to find an EU friendly time slot for at least some of the followup calls!

Also, are you aware of the thread OMOP CDM and Clinical Trials?



(Shawn Dolley) #9

Kees- can you send me your and Maxim’s regular email addresses so I can put you on the list? Next meeting is Euro friendly time, on March 1 and every other Friday after that.