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EHDEN Project Kick-Off Meeting

(Peter Rijnbeek) #1

Hi All,

I like to make you all aware that we had the Kick-off meeting of the European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) in Rotterdam at the SS Rotterdam, an old ocean liner / cruise ship that used to connect Rotterdam with New York.

During the Kick-off meeting a lot of attention was given to OHDSI, including a presentation of the Oxford meeting by @Daniel_Prieto, @Patrick_Ryan, and @RossW and demos of tools. We had very good discussions in breakouts on several interesting topics, such as value propositions, use cases, and certification of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for OMOP-CDM mapping in Europe.

The meeting was a perfect kick-off of this exciting project you will hear much more about in the next 5 years!

You can find a nice summary of the meeting on our LinkedIn:


If you like to stay updated please follow our LinkedIn channel.

The website is under development and will be officially launched later but for now a temporary website can be found here: http://ehden.eu