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Drug Concept Class order

(Roger Carlson) #1

One of the conventions for the DRUG_EXPOSURE table concerning Concept_Class is this:

The Drug Concept with the most detailed content of information is preferred during the mapping process. These are indicated in the CONCEPT_CLASS_ID field of the Concept and are recorded in the following order of precedence: ‘Branded Pack’, ‘Clinical Pack’, ‘Branded Drug’, ‘Clinical Drug’, ‘Branded Drug Component’, ‘Clinical Drug Component’, ‘Branded Drug Form’, ‘Clinical Drug Form’, and only if no other information is available ‘Ingredient’. Note: If only the drug class is known, the DRUG_CONCEPT_ID field should contain 0.

However, there are more drug classes than those listed:

concept_class_id TheOrder
Quant Clinical Drug 0
Dose Form Group 0
Brand Name 0
Clinical Dose Group 0
Precise Ingredient 0
Branded Dose Group 0
Quant Branded Drug 0
Dose Form 0
Branded Pack 5
Clinical Pack 10
Branded Drug 15
Clinical Drug 20
Branded Drug Comp 25
Clinical Drug Comp 30
Branded Drug Form 35
Clinical Drug Form 40
Ingredient 99

Can anyone tell me how to order these un-ordered classes?

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Ok, CDM GitHub is not a perfect place to look for the vocabulary documentation. Here is the more precise source (needs some refinement though)
The order:
Marketed Product, Quantified Branded Drug Box, Quantified Clinical Drug Box, Branded Drug Box, Clinical Drug Box, Branded Pack, Clinical Pack, Quantified Branded Drug, Quantified Clinical Drug, Branded Drug, Clinical Drug, Branded Drug Component, Clinical Drug Component, Branded Drug Form, Clinical Drug Form, Ingredient.
Now, why do you need this order? You should map to whatever is standard and capture the details you have. E.g. if you have box size, strength, and dose form, it will be Clinical Drug Box, if Brand Name is captured then Branded Drug Box and so on.

(Roger Carlson) #3


The only ones we’re actually using in our system currently are: Clinical Pack, Branded Drug, Clinical Drug, Brand Name, Quant Clinical Drug, Ingredient. I just wanted to build my code to handle everything.

The only ones not on the original list were Quant Clinical Drug and Brand Name.