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Do ATLAS and ACHILLES use Note_Text column data from NOTE entity of OMOP?

(Chetan) #1

Do ATLAS and ACHILLES use data from Note_Text column of NOTE entity of OMOP?
If no, then which OHDSI tools use NOTE and NOTE_NLP entities?

(Ambuj) #2

Can you please update on this one.


(Chris Knoll) #3

I don’t think so, but @Ajit_Londhe or @t_abdul_basser may have additional information.

(Ajit Londhe) #4

In Achilles, we only have the following analyses describing the NOTE table:

2200: Number of persons with at least one note by note_type_concept_id
2201: Number of note records, by note_type_concept_id

So nothing involving the note_text field in NOTE, nor the NOTE_NLP table

(Chetan) #5

Thanks @Ajit_Londhe.
Can you please confirm about ATLAS also?

(Ajit Londhe) #6

Atlas’s Data Sources page won’t, as it relies upon the same Achilles analyses results I mentioned above.

(Chetan) #7

Thanks @Ajit_Londhe :+1: