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(Rick Kiefer) #1

I am working on a project which plans to run phenotyping algorithms expressed in CQL against an OMOP repository. Located a CQL to Expression Logical Model (ELM) translator so the query is now in computer format. The next step is to convert the ELM representation to OMOP JSON and use the WebAPI to run the query.

  • Are there projects completed or in process which attempt a similar

  • Is there a JSON schema available to better understand how to conduct
    the ELM transform?

Thank you

(Luke Rasmussen) #2

I remember this came up a little over a year ago on the forum, and curious if @daniellameeker or her team (or anyone else) has explored the link from CQL/ELM to OHDSI JSON/OMOP.

(Aslan Brooke) #3

I’m also interested in discovering any projects that may exist that are working on CQL on ELM. Please share if you know of any. Thanks.

(Jon Duke) #4

Hi @abrooke,

We are doing a CQL-OMOP project via a 2 step process:

  1. CQL FHIR queries using CQL Execution Engine
  2. OMOP on FHIR server running on top of our OMOP CDM

So while we are not generating OHDSI JSON with CQL, we are able to do queries. That said, we would certainly love to see a CQL to OHDSI translator as well!