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Condition: Cerebrovascular accident as a predictor

(qiongwang) #1

“covariateName: condition_era group any time prior through 0 days relative to index: Cerebrovascular accident”

Hi, I am analyzing the covariates of my PLP study, when I look at the covariate named as Cerebrovascular accident, what exactly it is mean?

Also I saw that, this covariate has different efforts on the outcome. In the "Optum " , it is a negative predictor, but in the “CCAE” and “Germany”, it acts as a positive predictor. Why? Any possible that the concepts match incorrectly?

Thank you!

(qiongwang) #2

(Christian Reich) #3


This is the occurrence of Condition records of SNOMED concept_id 381316 “Cerebrovascular accident” anytime before the stroke. In other words if they had a stroke that wasn’t classified as ischemic or hemorrhagic. For example, an ICD-10 code I64 “Stroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction” would map into this.

The other question about Optum and Germany requires more description. Did you train the model on these databases?

(qiongwang) #4

We only train the model on the Optum database.

(qiongwang) #5

@jennareps Can we train the model on different databases and compare the result? Or we combine some database and train the model?