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Cataloging Tech Stacks of OHDSI Implementers


(Kristin Feeney Kostka, MPH) #1

Hi All!

After talking to many of you last week, I’m really beginning to appreciate the many flavors of how we implement our standard framework. In the interest of helping make more network studies possible, I’m starting a catalog of reference architectures to understand who’s in what camp (think of this as a network view on what @JamesSWiggins presented in his poster). This information should help with streamlining debugging and cataloging backlog items for where we need to address gaps in how different database layers interact with the tools.

My ask: To our 97 database owners (per @hripcsa’s opening talk), I want to interview at least one person from your group on your local technology stack. These interviews can be facilitated via email or a short (<30 minute) call. I’m using this list (http://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/doku.php?id=resources:2018_data_network) as guidance but if you’re not on it… please reach out and let me know who I should be contacting. If you already have this information documented, please reach out!

My goal is to document this knowledge before the end of year holidays are upon us and update periodically as changes are made.


(Karthik) #2

Hi @krfeeney,

Happy to be interviewed to help your efforts in the cataloging. I think it will be a great resource.

(Ajit Londhe) #3

Hi Kristin,

I can help discuss the Janssen stack.


(Ajit Londhe) #4

Hi Kristin,

Is there a specific way to contribute to this?

Also – I’d like to quantify how many sites are not using Atlas. Can this be a part of this survey?


(Kristin Feeney Kostka, MPH) #5

Thanks for keeping me honest, @Ajit_Londhe! I’ve got interview calls with folks beginning next week. Happy to include you if your schedule permits too. I’ll forward you the invites!

I’ll definitely make sure we include what specific tools, if any, people are using. Where possible, I’m also trying to catalog what version of ATLAS and the CDM people use.

I’ll reach out offline and find some time for our own J&J stack interview too!


(Christian Reich) #6

:slight_smile: Not the other way around? You expect a much smaller number of slackers?

Actually, I’d really suggest we collect ATLAS users. Because we know these guys can do at least some OHDSI network work.

(Ajit Londhe) #7

Well, I’m curious because it helps us determine the strategy of Achilles 2.0. We want to sunset AchillesWeb, certainly. But should we create a Shiny app that can be leveraged by both non-Atlas and Atlas users (taking the place of the current Data Sources GUI)? Or can we simply forget any Achilles GUI and focus on strengthening Atlas Data Sources?