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Adding Visit Types to the Concept table under Visit domain

(Amro H) #1


how can I add the visits types below to the concept table Domain_ID = ‘Visit’ ?
Behavioral Health Document
Behavioral Health Visit
BH Hidden
BH Screening
Care Coordination
Care Management
Case Management
Diabetic visit
Domestic Violence
H3 Progress Note
HPromo Updt
Lab Visit
Medical Assistant Nurse
Medication Pick Up
Mental Health
Mental Health Assessment
Mental Health Discharge Summary
Mental Health Progress Note
Mental Health Treatment Plan
Newborn Screening
Nurse Visit
Nutrition Visit
Office Procedure
Outreach Visit
Physical Therapy
Psychiatric Diagnostic Eval
Psychiatric Progress Note
Psychiatric Walk In
Shelter Visit
Substance Abuse Assessment
Substance Abuse Discharge
Substance Abuse Progress Note
Substance Abuse Treatment Plan
Urgent Care
Walk In
Walk In Visit
Wellness Exam

(Christian Reich) #2


You just did. :slight_smile:

But please remember. Visits have no medical content!! Not even a specialty. They are constellations of how care is provided. Couple remarks:

  • Behavioral Health Document: This is not a Visit, but a Note
  • Behavioral Health Visit: Not sure what that is. Is that a outpatient visit for counseling?
  • BH Hidden: Not sure what that is.
  • BH Screening: Not sure what that is.
  • Care Coordination: Sounds like 38004193 “Case Management Visit”
  • Care Management: Same
  • Case Management: Same
  • Dental: Dental what? Do you want to use 38004218 “Ambulatory Dental Clinic/Center”
  • Diabetic visit: That is not a visit. Diabetes is a Condition. Sounds like 9202 “Outpatient Visit” to me
  • Domestic Violence: Not a visit
  • H3 Progress Note: No idea what that is, but not a visit
  • HPromo Updt: Not even English
  • Lab Visit: Sounds like 32036 “Laboratory Visit”
  • Medical Assistant Nurse: Not a visit, but a provider information
  • Medication Pick Up: Sounds like 581458 “Pharmacy visit”
  • Mental Health: Maybe 8964 “Community Mental Health Center”?
  • Mental Health Assessment: Not a visit, but a procedure
  • Mental Health Discharge Summary: not a Visit, but a Note
  • Mental Health Progress Note: Not a Visit, but a Note
  • Mental Health: Not sure what this is