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Achilles in R stuck at "Connecting using SQL Server driver"

(mintmountain89) #1


Has anyone encountered the issue whereby the Achilles call in RStudio stops at “Connecting using SQL Server driver”? Recently ran the commands below , and the process has been stuck at the connection part. It seems to have connected and inserted one table, because I can see the ACHILLES_analysis tables in the results schema, but the rest of the tables are not there yet.

> library(Achilles)
Loading required package: SqlRender
Loading required package: DatabaseConnector
Loading required package: rjson
Loading required package: OhdsiRTools
Loading required package: openxlsx
Loading required package: httr
> connectionDetails <- createConnectionDetails(
+   dbms="sql server",
+   server="localhost",
+   user= "****",
+   password="****",
+   port="1433"
+ )
> achilles(connectionDetails,
+          cdmDatabaseSchema = "cdm.dbo",
+          resultsDatabaseSchema = "cdm.results",
+          vocabDatabaseSchema = "cdm.dbo",
+          numThreads="10",
+          sourceName = "My Source Name",
+          cdmVersion = "5",
+          runHeel = TRUE,
+          runCostAnalysis = FALSE)


Connecting using SQL Server driver
Connecting using SQL Server driver
|================================================================================================| 100%
Executing SQL took 0.0963 secs
Dropping scratch Achilles tables from schema cdm.results
Connecting using SQL Server driver (stuck here)

Appreciate any advice on how to troubleshoot, thank you :slight_smile:

(mintmountain89) #2

To add on, is there a way to run the Achilles analysis in SQL server management studio or other Database Manager instead of in RStudio? Thanks!

(Vojtech Huser) #3

To trouble shoot - try running just one or few analysis_id.

see here

(mintmountain89) #4

Thank you @Vojtech_Huser . I ran the codes for Achilles heel only, but encountered the following error because the achilles_results table had not yet been created

com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid object name 'cdm.results.achilles_results'.

Subsequently what I did was to
-> change the number of threads to 1 and added in conceptHierarchy = FALSE to the achilles statement
-> separately create concept hierarchy in using the ddl from WebAPI

And the analysis can complete now