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Accessing wiki documents for older CDM versions?

(Manan Patel) #1

The github site recently updated the wiki information to CDM v6.0. Is there a way to look at an archived version of 5.3? If not, is there a pdf or something similar available?

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Funny, but I just thought about it today. Would be great to see the old pdf specs.

(Luke Rasmussen) #3

This wouldn’t be for the wiki, but in GitHub you can select different tags that represent the previous versions, and grab the PDFs from there.

e.g., https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/tree/v5.3.1

(Clair Blacketer) #4


There is a pdf included with each release that contains all the information that was in the wiki for that release. If you use @lrasmussen’s trick you can see them along with a csv of all fields and tables in that release as well.


(Peter Rijnbeek) #5

It may also be possible to use the version history since the wiki is a git itself.

For example this is the V5.2 home page LINK

However, there is no way to move the whole wiki to a version as far as i know of, so each link on that version will got to the latest version of the subpage.

A solution could be what Github uses themselves on the page about the version by adding links on the right (in our case would be CDM versions).


(Clair Blacketer) #6

Thanks for the awesome idea! I’ll start working those links onto the wiki home page.