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Which one is correct if the CMD description in the github web and the pdf file are different?

(qiongwang) #1





(Christian Reich) #2

We are revising all these as we speak. What are you looking for? The only difference I can spot is “Visit” vs. “Place of Service”. Use the Visit Concepts.

(qiongwang) #3

In github, Admitted_from_concept_id and discharge_to_source_value have ‘concept’ in domain=’Visit’;
In the pdf file, discharge_to_source_value has ‘concept’ of domain=’Place of Service’. No “Admitted_from_concept_id”,but added “admitting_source_concept_id”.

(qiongwang) #4

Also, table VISIT_DETAIL, the description of it is different between github and the Pdf file. So, my main question is, the github and the pdf file, which one is the right one if they are not the same (confusing us)?

(Christian Reich) #5

As I said, Github. But both will change very soon.

(qiongwang) #6

OK, thanks.