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Where to put comments

(Alyssa Huque) #1

I am working with moving EHR data into the OMOP CDM. However, our EHR data has fields for comments (such as outcomes of surgery, results from lab tests, etc.) that are different than the formal doctor’s note (that would go into the NOTES table). I’ve been looking through the various fields and notice most are varchar(50) which would not encapsulate the additional comments. Is there another way to include comments in the OMOP CDM?

(Don Torok) #2

Please do not re-purpose an existing column for your comments. If you need a place for comments for clinical events you can either add a column to the existing table (will not break existing analytic tools) or create your own table with links to the standard OMOP tables.

(Christian Reich) #3


The comments will contain either relevant clinical information, or they are administrative. The former - do you want to map them to proper concepts and write records? The latter - toss in the trash can. @DTorok is right, you can hide them in some extra field or table, but of course this is not standard, and no OHDSI study will ever be able to use them. It’s “attic junk”.

If you need help figuring that out feel free to share a list of them.