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Where should Telehealth HCPS be stored?


I came across these two HCPCS codes: G0425 and G0426 for Telehealth consultations. Currently, the vocabulary has these two Standard codes in the procedure table. Should these be in the procedure table? When I look at other consultation codes in SNOMED they end up in the Observation table. Or should this be in the visit_details table b/c these codes are inpatient/ed Telehealth consultations?

@MPhilofsky @clairblacketer mik @Christian_Reich what are your thoughts?


These are Visit Occurrence records being recorded with a “procedure” code, unless they happen during an Inpatient stay. If the Telehealth consultation visit happens during an Inpatient stay, then it is a Visit Detail record.

I opened this issue on GitHub concerning Visit source codes I found in the LOINC vocabulary flowing to the Measurement and Meas Value domains.

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You are right. They need to be de-standardized and mapped to the Visits. There are a few of those HCPCS. Will put it into the Github.

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