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What's the srctostdvm.target_concept_id?

(libeiwu) #1

In the tutorial of ETL, " [Tutorial-ETL]/[materials]/[Implementation]/ Insert_Condition_Occurrence_Lauren.sql"(https://github.com/OHDSI/Tutorial-ETL/blob/master/materials/Implementation/Insert_Condition_Occurrence_Lauren.sql), there are “when srctostdvm.target_concept_id is null”, I am confused about that what table is srctostdvm and where it from. So, if anybody feels free, would you please tell me? Thanks a lot.

(Anna Karenina) #2

Hello @libeiwu,

‘srctostdvm’ is an alias for table cdm_synthea.source_to_standard_vocab_map. Scroll down to lines 51-56 to see the join clause.

(libeiwu) #3


(libeiwu) #4

Another question is, how to generate cdm_synthea.source_to_standard_vocab_map, and cdm_synthea.source_to_source_vocab_map?Thanks.

(Anna Karenina) #5


Scripts inside /materials/Queries/ look like examples for source_to_standard_vocab_map / source_to_source_vocab_map.
Also, you may want to check out slides 50-58 from the OHDSI Symposium slide deck, they seem to give a bit more context. The videos for this tutorial can be found here: