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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Philip Quinlan) #405

Hi All.

I am Phil Quinlan from the UK and based at the University of Nottingham. My day job is to run the University’s digital research service. Within that role I am the Director of the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre and an Associate Director in HDR UK. What we are focused on is helping biobanks being discoverable, and a key component to that is the clinical annotations.

I have joined to see if we could just adopt OMOP for the clinical annotations, but also to understand the process for the work in the biobanking world (such as MIABIS) could be integrated into this work. The (re)merging of the biobank data with the clinical domain remains a big challenge and I think OMOP offers a nice method to bring some standardisation.

(Michael Ames) #406

Hey Phil - We’re working in this same space. I’m curious to hear more about the challenges of clinical clinical/genomic data. We might be able to help each other. What do you see as the biggest roadblocks?

(Adam Black) #407

Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Black and I am research analyst at the Maine Medical Research Institute in Portland Maine. I have been aware of OHDSI for a couple years and excited to now be officially involved with mapping our health system EMR data into the CDM. I’m also very interested in mapping Maine’s All Payer Claims data into the OMOP CDM as well. I am an intermediate R programmer with some background in statistics and a little knowledge of Epidemiology. I could potentially contribute to R package or Shiny app development projects. Mostly I’m looking forward to getting our data into the CDM and collaborating with the community on generating evidence.

(Jorne Biccler) #408

Hello everyone!

I am Jorne Biccler and I work as a biostatistician at a pharmacoepidemiology consulting company, P95. I recently finished my phd in which different machine learning methods for predicting the survival and relapse probabilities of lymphoma patients. My main interests are the incorporation of temporal information into predictive models and incorporating dynamic components into these. I am looking forward to learning more about the OHDSI community.


(Samuel Pimentel) #409


I’m Sam Pimentel, Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department at UC Berkeley. I develop methodology for causal inference, especially new matching designs and methods for sensitivity analysis, and collaborate with clinicians and social scientists to help answer causal questions in large observational datasets. Most recently I have worked on evaluating surgical performance based on patient outcomes from Medicare records and other health claims data.

I’m impressed by the achievements of the OHDSI community and am excited to get involved. Specifically, I’m interested in contributing to OHDSI’s estimation methods toolbox, and in collaborating with other OHDSI members on applied projects where my methodological background could be helpful.

Best wishes,

(Angela Baltes) #410

Hello! My name is Angela Baltes and I am a Biomedical Informatics student with Rutgers University at the dissertation phase. I am physically located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I have committed to a lifetime of health informatics learning. I truly love this field and find it fascinating.

I have been employed as a clinical data analyst for several years and my work has involved machine learning to identify disparities in health care for vulnerable populations. My dissertation involves the identification of cardiac medical device failures with natural language processing approaches.

I am hoping to contribute to The OHDSI community and collaborate with you all. Please feel free to add me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-b/

Thank You,
Angela Baltes

(Nanguneri Nirmala) #411

Hi all,
Happy to be part of this great community. My background is also in my profile which can be viewed from any of my posts. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

I also attach it below:
My name is Nanguneri Nirmala (I go by Nirmala). Very excited to join the OHDSI community.
I spent more than two decades at Novartis till 2015. My latest role at Novartis was in the area of clinical bioinformatics, focusing on the analysis of genomic and other biomarker data from clinical trials. Very fun work.
Since July 2016, I hold an adjunct assistant professor position at Tufts University School of Medicine. My research interest these days is in the area of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, which is a new area of learning for me. I am very excited to learn more about how I can utilize data resources like OHDSI in my work.
In my spare time, I am very busy in my garden and I learn music (vocal - western classical and Hindustani (Indian classical)). I am also, since recently, a casual “total solar eclipse chaser”.

(Julio Cesar Barbour) #412

Hello everyone, I’m Julio from Brazil-São Paulo, and I’m a physician with a bachelor degree in physics and I want to develop studies and projects in a field that medical knowledge and math sciences work together in a profund conexion. Currently I’m the head of the health branch of Semantix - a reference company in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Latin America. Also I’m starting a Masters in neurology at FMUSP focus on structural brain changes in chronic pain patients (FreeSurfer open source software from Martinos Center/Harvard).
I have coding experience in R (dplyr, ggplot2, sparklyr, caret, e1071) and shell/bash (FreeSurfer) and knowledge about python/MatLab. Machine learning and big data analytics are my major fields of interest.
I’m very excited in learning more about OMOP CDM and help the community to increase their influence and spread their ideas in latin america. My email is julio.barbour@semantix.com.br.


Julio Barbour

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #413

@Julio_Cesar_Barbour Welcome to the community!! I have colleagues in Brazil who are working on building a Brazilian OHDSI chapter. I will make sure they connect with you!

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #414

@nirmala Welcome!! I am so glad we could cross paths at @Andrew’s training last week. I can’t wait to see your research questions come to life across the OHDSI network. :smile:

And hello @Adam_Black! Awesome to see you here too!

(Julio Cesar Barbour) #415

Thank you very much!!! :smile:

(Clark C. Evans) #416

I’m Clark Evans, technical co-founder at Prometheus Research, LLC. I’ve been working in the field of medical informatics for about 15 years. Outside of our field, I’m best known for YAML, and a few contributions to the Python and PostgreSQL community. My specialty is database query technologies applied to healthcare data. About 5 years ago we finished HTSQL a navigational query language for medical research data stored in PostgreSQL.

Most recently, I’ve been working on a next generation query language, we call DataKnots which is based upon an algebra of queries we call Query Combinators. We’ve shown that this approach is general and extendable, yet, could succinctly cover all CQL use cases to provide an executable definition of eCQMs such as CMS165, access to FHIR resources, and answering medical inquires, among other things. I have a working hypothesis that this approach to querying could have much broader impact in our field, permitting us to create domains specific, and even sub-specialty specific query languages that directly integrate statistical measures.

Starting well over 4 years ago I became aware of OHDSI’s OMOP, and have looked forward to working with you all for sometime. In its first release, as I recall, it was PostgreSQL only, and had a competently constructed schema. I see that this community has grown in laps and bounds since. It’s a pleasure to see this and to join a group getting real, important work done.

Currently, I’m looking for collaborators who have complex data ingestion, cleaning, harmonization, and analysis tasks so that I could further prove this experimental system. Our work is Apache licensed and any efforts towards this direction would be done so that it works tightly within the OMOP data model.

(Olivia Angiuli) #417

I am Olivia Angiuli, a PhD student in Statistics at UC Berkeley. I’m hoping to contribute to OHDSI’s Methods library, initially by implementing methods for matching and sensitivity analysis.

Before this, I have also done research on the tradeoff between data utility and data privacy (specifically in the context of k-anonymity) which also has wide applications to health data and the challenges and promise of working in this field.

(Gichuhi Haron) #418

Hi All,
I’m Gichuhi Haron, currently undertaking Masters of Health Informatics at Makerere University Uganda. I have a background in Software Engineering and Applications Development. Conversant with programming languages like R, Python, Java, PHP and database skill.
My interest is in the application of ICT in Low-resource settings to improve Healthcare, most especially Policy development and innovations to ease access, lower cost and ensure availability of the services.
Glad to be here.

(Seol Paik) #419

I’m Seol Paik. I am currently working at EvidNet.
I have been converting a EMR to OMOP CDM, also managing data quality for 2 years.
Currently, I am trying to do CDM research using my background knowledge(statistics, ML).


(Phung Quoc Mai) #420

My name is Phung Q. Mai. I’m an RN, and I have been working as an RN in various settings as my part-time. At the same time, I work for a local health system as a clinical systems analyst. This website is interesting, and I think what you are doing really help the health care IT community in huge scheme of things in health IT.
Besides, I also had 10+ experience in engineering which I think is a huge for me in my KB bank.
Thanks for the welcome.

(Davidcarnahan) #421

Greetings everyone!

My name is David Carnahan. I am an Internal Medicine physician who served in the US Air Force for 20 years. I have a masters in epidemiology from UPenn and have over 10 years experience using health IT for quality and safety measures, ad hoc analytics, research, and software development life cycle management of a platform that was used by the military health system (known as Carepoint). I am a proficient coder in R, python, SQL, Stata (from my UPenn days), have two certs in AWS (devops associate, and solutions architect associate), and dabble in static website generation. I am currently taking Andrew Ng machine learning courses in Coursera because of my interest in AI. I got involved with OHDSI while working with IQVIA and the FDA on the BEST initiative: where we are performing data curation of a network of OMOP/OHDSI data partners to support the work in biologics (allergenics, transfusions, blood derived products, etc) surveillance. I look forward to joining the cause and getting active in the data quality side of the house.

LinkedIn Profile

@acm @Christian_Reich @schillil @mgkahn

(Katy Sadowski) #422

Hello there!

My name is Katy Sadowski and I’m a Data Analyst at TrialSpark, an NYC health+technology startup where we’re working to make clinical trials faster and more efficient. We’ve got a network of clinics across NYC, DC, and Chicago where we’ve implemented a vertically-integrated and technology-driven trial model.

My team and I are in the process of implementing the OMOP CDM in order to facilitate scalable, meaningful, and accurate analyses on the structured data we export from our clinics’ EHRs. We’re working specifically with CCD exports right now, and in the future are planning to incorporate unstructured doctors’ notes and claims data as well. I’m looking very much forward to leveraging the power of the full CDM and to contributing back to the community once we’re up to speed. As a lot of my work will involve defining “phenotypes” and cohorts, I could see myself pitching in to the Phenotype WG in the future. And of course sharing learnings in the EHR data realm. Our clinics are mostly small, community practices - makes for quite an interesting mix of data compared to what you’d find at a large research institution.

I’m delighted to have discovered this community and look forward to collaborating with you all.


(Bethany Percha) #423

Hi everyone!

My name is Beth Percha and I’m an Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. I also help lead a small product development/data science team at the Mount Sinai Health System called the Precision Health Enterprise. Our goal is to enable the health system to adapt long-term to changing patterns in health care delivery and payment, and to better use the data we collect every day.

My PhD focused on natural language processing of biomedical text, and I am particularly interested in how we can apply observational data (much of which is recorded in the unstructured text of scientific articles and clinical documents) in a systematic way to create a healthcare system that can learn and evolve over time.

Long term, I would like to see Mount Sinai adopt the OMOP CDM for our own data warehouse so we can contribute to the larger OHDSI effort. Our team also does a lot of work with billing and cost accounting data, and I would love to contribute to the development of a more complete structured data model for financial data. Short term, I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you all are up to and helping with projects/partnerships in any way that makes sense.

Glad to be here, and please feel free to reach out to me at bethany.percha@mssm.edu if you’d like to talk more.


(Mark Shervey) #424


I’m Mark Shervey and am a data engineer in the Icahn School of Medicine, and colleagues with Beth Percha above. Along with my work with Beth in the Precision Health Enterprise, I’ve been leading data projects in another institute, The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare (INGH).

At INGH, we work in many different areas of health and medicine. We work closely with clinicians that would like to augment studies with digital health products, such as wearables; assist researchers in data engineering tasks regarding our EHR data; and help with outside collaborators wanting to work with our data, either from scratch, or to replicate studies (this is a lot of why I’m here).

I have two main hopes joining this working group. The first is to learn enough through particpation to be able to bring OHDSI into the Mount Sinai system. Once I’m more familiar with the working group and the OMOP CDM, and I’mn echoing Beth here, would be to collaborate in development of a financial data module that could be integrated into the common data model.

Excited to begin here! I can be reached at mark.shervey@mssm.edu if you have any questions.