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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Abhi) #21

Hi Everyone

I am Abhishek Pratap (Abhi) and current work at Sage Bionetworks as a Senior Research Scientist and have ~7 years of biomedical omics data analysis. I am interested to explore patient observational data and to further devote some time to learn the intricacies, I will start part time grad program at Univ of Washington - Seattle.

It was great timing to know about OHDSI group (thanks to Dr. Nigam Shah). I am here to learn and know more about group’s activities and toolkits developed. My long term intent is to find a project of my interest and help devote some timg to further enhance it.

I am primarily interested in health data visualization and exploratory data analysis for research purposes. I look forward to meeting many of you on Oct @ OHDSI meeting in DC.

When I am not working I love to explore the northwest (rain or shine) … so if you happen to be in the area I will be happy to join you for a hike or a drink…:slight_smile: feel free to send me direct email


Abhishek Pratap
Senior Research Scientist, Bioinformatics
Sage Bionetworks

(Richard Starr) #22

Hi all,
I am Richard Starr. I am a Research Scientist in Health Data Management at Georgia Tech. I have a lot of responsibilities in the areas of privacy, security and infrastructure. The other half of my job is on the informatics side. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, I spent many years working with EMR and Claims data both on the ETL side and the analytics side.
The main groups that I am working with at Georgia Tech are interested in Interoperability ( FHIR ), analytics and visualizations. We also have groups in Biomed engineering using structured and -omics data, but I am not heavily involved with them right now. We are standardizing on OMOP v5 as our CDM. I am going to be one of the point people on the data model side and look to become involved in the OHDSI community.
I am currently working on mapping the CMS Medicaid MAX dataset into v5. I am also interested in mapping an IMS data set, so I am happy to see @Christian_Reich and @dgambone here!
I look forward to contributing where I can.

(Amy Matcho) #23

Hi, I’m Amy Matcho and I also work for @Patrick_Ryan at Janssen R&D, where we use observational data to answer questions around our product portfolio. I am also enrolled in an MPH program at Rutgers School of Public Health, should be finishing up next year. My efforts so far in the community have included conversion of CPRD and HES to the OMOP CDM and currently finishing up validation work on a pregnancy episode algorithm that operates on our distributed network of databases at Janssen.

In my free time I like to (one of these is not true): spend time with family and friends, read, watch documentaries, walk my dog and weed the garden.

(Rupa Makadia ) #24

Hi, I’m Rupa Makadia and work for @Patrick_Ryan at Janssen R&D. In this group, I have done studies around Janssen products and worked on transforming the Premier hospital database into the OMOP CDM. My prior experience includes working for large payer health systems in California (my home state) and NJ. I am always learning from the OHDSI community and am interested in learning more about methods, and helping shape observational research to benefit clinical care.

In my free time I love to cook and read and have a 10 month old daughter that keeps me on my toes.

(Pocketbeagle) #25

Hi, I am Beth Lindholm (aka pocketbeagle – as I used my github login). I am in the research informatics area at Medica Research Institute. We are a newer research institution and are looking to build out standardized data models. I am impressed by the level of collaboration here!

(alexandre todorov) #26

Hello! I’m Alexandre Todorov (Washington U. in St Louis). I’m a statistician who focused mostly on psychiatric and genetic epidemiology in the last 20 odd years. I started working with (and got hooked on) administrative databases a couple years ago and am now running a study on ADHD co-morbidity using such data. Glad to be here.

(Nicholas Tatonetti) #27

Hello everyone!

These introductions are great and I am really enjoying getting to know everyone. It’s about time I submit one as well. I am Nicholas Tatonetti, an assistant professor in biomedical informatics at Columbia University. My lab is dedicated to building methods and analytical tools to bring together clinical research and molecular biology. This takes shape as network algorithms for uncovering hidden gene-gene interactions, systems biology for studying adverse reactions, and novel methods for mining clinical data. All of this is aimed at being better able to understand and predict drug interactions (both beneficial and adverse). We are a soup to nuts operation in my group – meaning we do everything from data mining to experimental validation.

If you still want to know more there is this or that to get you going.


(Suchi Saria) #28

Great to read everyone’s introductions! I am new to the OHDSI community though have read work from many of the investigators here.

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins with joint appointments in Biostatistics/Statistics and Informatics. I am interested in both methodological work as well as advancing novel applications. My focus thus far has primarily been on methods for personalized decision support using electronic health record data. This includes methods for identifying homogeneous cohorts, integrating static and time-varying markers, online prediction of functional targets, and representation learning from diverse clinical streams. On the applications front, I am working on both inpatient (adverse events in hospitalized patients, risk stratification) and outpatient (chronic, autoimmune diseases) applications. My interest in understanding the full stack for increasing personalized CDS adoption has led to, like Nick, me running a soup to nuts operation where we go all the way from methods development to deploying the tools we develop. More on my work is here.

Outside of work, I used to ski quite a bit. But after having moved east, I am now learning to kite surf (which is turning out to be a lot more challenging than skiing!)

Looking forward to interacting more with the OHDSI community! Please reach out if you have related interests.

(Vojtech Huser) #29

In order to allow people to see my background one click away
from all my posts, I put my ‘about me’ text into my forum profile.

Perhaps we can all do it that way. To update your profile,
click your avatar -> Profile -> Preferences -> scroll to about me and
edit it -> click ‘save changes’ at bottom.

So, if you really want to read my about-me text, you have to click on my avatar
or name (twice). But, you can do it on any post in the forum. Yay!

(Wei-Chao Chuang) #30

I am Wei-Chao Chuang. I am working on OMOP ETL project for OSUWMC currently. Thanks!

(Peter Rijnbeek) #31

HI All,

I am Peter Rijnbeek I work since 1996 at the Department of Medical Informatics at the Erasmus University Medical Center in The Netherlands. I have a MSc in electrical engineering with a focus on pattern recognition from Technical University Delft. My PhD was on the development of an expert system for automatic interpretation of pediatric ECGs and the application of machine learning techniques in this area.

Currently, I am heavily involved in many European and global projects related to data aggregation. I lead the infrastructure team at EMC that develops tools for this purpose. For example, in the EMIF project I lead the workpackage related to data extraction and transformation in a distributed data network (http://www.emif.eu). Next to that I am in the core team of the EUADR-Alliance which performs studies for industry and regulators in Europe.

Collaborating with OHDSI is a no-brainer for me. I think there are major opportunities in this field and this community can be instrumental for sure. I have a personal interest in Patient Level Prediction Modelling and will be leading this workgroup together with Martijn Schuemie.

Looking forward to a great OHDSI adventure.


(Jose A. Alvarado) #32

Hi everyone,

My name is Jose A. Alvarado I’m new at ODHSI and very
excited to be part of this community. I’m looking forward staring
collaborations within the community to share experiences, ideas and knowledge. I’m
a Bio-statistician by training and currently working for Columbia Doctors at
the Columbia University Medical Center. We are in the initial phase of implementing
an instance of OMOP so any suggestions or advices regarding ETL are highly

My professional experience had been mostly on health related
research in which I designed, implemented and maintained Relational Database
using mostly MySQL, graphical user interfaces using Java or Python, web
application using Php and Javascript and conducted advance analytics mostly in
R, SAS or Python. I’m currently a Data
Science graduate student at Columbia so I’m highly interested in the
application of this field’s techniques and methodologies to help improve the
population health and health systems by gaining a better understating of health
process. I’m also very interested on working with big data platforms like Hadoop,
so if any of you would like an extra hand on big data please don’t hesitated on
contacting me.


(William Stephens) #33


Welcome! I used to work at OSUWMC.

Some questions that might help the group understand what you’re doing with data from the EPIC EHR:

  • Are you performing ETL directly against the Clarity DB (MSSQL) or Information Warehouse(Oracle)?
  • Are you attempting to create cohort-specific data marts in the OMOP v5 structure?
  • If creating Are you creating a single view to the OMOP vocabularies that can be leveraged across the data marts?

Bill Stephens

(Gerald Pulver) #34

Greetings all!
I’m Gerry Pulver, a very recent HIT Ph.D. in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado. I am involved in practice-based research, quality improvement, and safety projects, primarily for the university, DARTNet Institute, and the National Research Network of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
I look forward to being an active member of the community, contributing what I might learn through this OHDSI. For now, I am in reading and asking mode, learning how to effectively and efficiently use OMOP.

Thank you to @Patrick_Ryan for recommending this resource!


Hi everyone!

My name is Sungjae Jung (nick: zai). I’m Master’s degree student, studying medical informatics at Ajou University and also a member of @rwpark’s lab since 2 months ago. I graduated university with BE in computer science and engineering and spent about 2 years as a researcher at Seoul National University Hospital.

I’m interested in OHDSI Tools and applications of CDM. but not so familiar with them. maybe I’m gonna ask you lots of questions.

Looking forward to interacting many of you. :smile:

Thank you.

(Jay G. Ronquillo) #36

Dear All,

My name is Jay Ronquillo and I am a physician and engineer (Cornell), with an MPH in Quantitative Methods (Harvard), and biomedical informatics training from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. I was introduced to OHDSI by very smart individuals at Columbia, and excited by its potential for positively impacting healthcare. (Thanks also to Patrick for suggesting this forum.)

I founded a biomedical informatics startup in the Washington DC area, and my particular research interests include precision medicine and interoperability, which are areas where I have published, presented (including the recent OHDSI and AMIA conferences), and built software. (This includes the only iPhone app for precision medicine mHealth data standardization using OMOP CDM v5.0 – just search “precision medicine” in the iTunes App Store.) I am looking forward to working with anyone in the OHDSI community interested in collaborating on precision medicine/interoperability projects, so please feel free to reach out.

Jay G. Ronquillo

(Wendy Miller) #37

Hello. My name is Wendy Miller, and I am an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Nursing, and also Director of the Social Network Health Research Lab there. My research focuses, broadly, on improving the quality of life of people living with chronic diseases, specifically neurological diseases like epilepsy. I have done a lot of social media/complex systems work with collaborators from Informatics and Computing at IU; our goal is to create interventions that truly involve patient voice. I had not heard of OHDSI until today, on an NIH big data call. I don’t exactly know how to get involved in OHDSI, but would love to!

(Kenney Ng) #38

Hi. My name is Kenney Ng.
I am a research staff member in the Health Informatics Department and manager of the Healthcare Analytics Research Group at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center.
My current research focus is on the development and application of data mining and machine learning techniques to analyze, model and derive insights from real world healthcare data. My prior research areas include information retrieval, probabilistic modeling, speech recognition, topic classification, and statistical language modeling.
Looking forward to collaboration opportunities and an exciting OHDSI.

(Dan Connolly) #39

I work at KU Med Center, writing software to support research. My main roles are:

  • lead developer on HERON, our i2b2-based clinical data repository
  • leader for Infrastructure and Software Development lead in the Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC), a PCORnet CDRN
  • formerly technical staff at W3C, leading work on HTML, Web Architecture, and Semantic Web (SPARQL, OWL, etc.)

I’ve been doing open source software development, especially in python, for decades. I’ve been leading development of our i2b2-based clinical data repository for about 5 years now. The bulk of the code we write is for ETL into i2b2’s star schema from Epic, NAACCR, NCDR, etc. (~20KLoc of SQL and python).

I’ve done some work integrating R with i2b2 (presented at the 2012 R conference). For a guy with almost no stats background, learning R was a bit mind-bending. My favorite part is knitr and RStudio. But when I have the choice, I often use pandas and ipython notebook.

I’m looking into OHDSI in the context of PCORnet especially as Russ Waitman (who leads our group) is taking on the role of chair of the PCORnet data committee. More on that later, I expect.

(Wonchul Cha) #40

I am Wonchul Cha. I am a vice CMIO and assistant clinical professor at Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. I am a leading physician of a working group building next-generation CPOE, CDS system in collaboration with Samsung SDS.

I just love the idea of OHDSI and wish to be a good collaborator.