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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

Hi, I am Yubin Park. I am currently Managing Director, AI Solutions at Evolent Health, which works with provider-sponsored health plans and helping them manage financial/clinical risks. Before this, I co-founded a start-up called Accordion Health, which focused on using Machine Learning techniques to identify financial opportunities for risk-taking healthcare organizations. Accordion Health was acquired by Evolent in June 2017 - hence my current role at Evolent.

I received my PhD in machine learning and data mining from UT Austin. I like to play around with data, especially when I can find business/domain-specific insights from the data. I am amazed by how much this community has built, and plan to explore all the tools one by one. I believe I can contribute on some of the open-source packages, and perhaps, providing some commercialization ideas. I am very excited to join the community! Thanks,

Hi Friends in Odyssey,
I am a computer engineer, also MSc. student at Medical Informatics graduate program. I am developing a question/answer system over PubMed articles - my thesis. I work in a software company meanwhile. I coded a REST API for our mobile health application.

Why I am here is: I downloaded PubMed database and imported data with MedlineXMLToDatabase tool(Great thanks to developers). Then I extracted entities with cTAKES tool(Another thanks to developers). Yet, I haven’t finished importing entities to database with articleIDs. After importing entities, it is time to connect questions to answers through imported entities. Then recall, precision, F-score, etc. will be measured by expert opinion owners(statisticians, physicians, doctors, care persons…) I hope to find a way to reach information and help health researchers by EBM articles published.

I am really happy that I felt at home with you. You all working on relevant area of IT and health. If any child on earth would have a little benefit from one of these works, that is the key to my dreams.

I’m Rosa Gini, mathematician by origin, head of the Pharmacoepi Unit of the public health reserach agency of Tuscany, Italy. Exactly on year ago I completed a PhD in data science, @Miriam2 was my advisor and @schuemie my tutor. Besides them, I have worked a lot with Peter Rijnbeek - Peter and Martijn helped me mapping my local data to the CDM

My main scientific interest is using big data to validate big data: exploiting different ways of measuring the same thing, and using the discrepancies as a measure of validity of the information. I think this fits nicely the OHDSI scope, both at a theoretical level (conceptualize validity, develop methodology and theorems) and at an implementation level (develop tools that implement the theory), and I would like to explore the opportunity of creating a workgroup on this topic.

I see that previous presentations abound in descriptions of food and drink pleasures, and I am definitely on board for that! I would also add traveling, I love doing that, both for work and with my family and friends.

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My name is Jeselyn Rhodes and I am an analyst within the Data Solutions team of the Libraries and Information Technology Department of Emory University. I am very excited that this forum exists and looking forward to exploring the resources available through OHDSI. My main projects are managing a clinical registry for Emory CFAR and extraction/transformation/analysis of EMR data to measure Diabetic patient management for a group of Endo physicians practicing at a local safety net hospital. Our OMOP/CDM projects are in the planning phase so I am really interested in connecting with others who have worked through implementation using either clinical registry or EMR data.

My full-full time job is CMO (Chief Mother Officer) of the Rhodes family where my main duties involve caring, supporting, and guiding a 9 year old Pokemon fanatic, 15 year old super-teen, and a loving husband.


Hello everyone. My name is Nicole Mattucci. I have a background in clinical nursing, working in quality & operations for a Medicare Advantage plan, and currently am working in quality management in the digital health space. I was searching for an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on trends seen in all aspects of medicine. My goal is to have a better understanding in healthcare data science & analytics. I look forward to getting to know all of you!


Hello everyone,

I’m Tom De Smedt, biomedical engineer by education, and specialized in R programming and creating interactive visualizations and web applications, especially for public health and vaccine topics. In this context I currently work for P95 (a Belgian-based SME) as a data analyst. In this capacity I work on the ADVANCE and DRIVE projects, where I work with @Miriam2, @KaatBollaerts and many others.

My main interest include showing scientific results in innovative ways and making these results accessible to a wider audience, and I believe this could fit nicely with OHDSI.

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Hi everyone,
I’m Dave Kern, an epidemiologist at Janssen R&D and a member of the Epi Analytics team here.
I recently came to Janssen from HealthCore, which is a subsidiary of Anthem, where I worked extensively with Anthem’s claim data doing health outcomes research. I’m used to working directly with billing codes (ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, etc), but I’m beginning to get myself acquainted with OHDSI vocabulary and the CDM. Given my background on the payer side I’m interested in learning more about how claims are being mapped to the CDM and helping out with that process if possible.
I received my PhD in Epidemiology from Drexel University and my masters in Biostatistics from Columbia. I’d like to apply my epi methods knowledge to the work we do in OHDSI to help create tools that allow us to do robust analyses with minimal amounts of bias.

Outside of the epi world, I’m a new dad, so my free time is now NULL. But when I do find some I enjoy brewing beer.

Looking forward to working with all of you and contributing to the OHDSI community.



Hello, my name is Sam Martin and I live in West Michigan my role at Spectrum Health is as a Research Informatics Architect. My work is focused on defining and delivering sets of tools or processes to our research teams enabling them to advance the care we provide.

My background includes direct patient care (Emergency Medicine, Neurology and Alzheimer’s research), a Master’s Degree in Health Administration and extensive experience in the Information Technology space (Data Analyst, Lead Analyst for Data Warehouse, Data/Informatics Architect).

Our organization (13 hospitals, 1,400 employed physicians and 850,000 covered lived in a health plan) is currently transitioning from a mixed EHR model (Cerner - Inpatient and Epic - Ambulatory) to an all Epic implementation. This transition presents us with new opportunities to leverage a clinical data as well as the tools Epic is offering.

Additionally, we have been selected as one of the All of Us Research Program sites.

The use of OMOP for All of Us has solidified our focus on the adoption of OMOP for wider use at Spectrum Health. We have begun our mapping of legacy (Cerner and Epic) and current data (Epic) into the OMOP model. We look forward to this journey and welcome any guidance or assistance from the OHDSI community.

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Hi. I’m Rich Forshee. I work at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA. I lead the Analytics and Benefit-Risk Assessment Team in the Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology. I’ve done a lot of work with observational data over my career, and my team and I are currently working to estimate vaccine effectiveness using CMS data (among other projects).


Hi, I’m Ray Grimaila. I work in the Data Center of Excellence at GSK in the Data Curation group to make datasets more accessible to R&D. Currently working with Genetics, Clinical, and ODA datasets. I am new to the OHDSI community.

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Hi all,

I am Jauwairia Nasir from Pakistan, a recent EE Masters degree graduate from KAIST Korea with a specialization in motion planning for mobile robots and cognitive architectures for service robots. My research interests have widened with a deeper interest in applications that lie at the intersection of AI and Healthcare. OHDSI seems to be one of the best platforms for this. I am amazed by the collaborative work being done here! :smile:

I am new to this community and after having attended OHDSI symposium and a tutorial this year, im particularly interested in ETL process and Patient-Level Assessment of Treatment Outcomes. Would love to learn more!

Also, could anyone let me know if there is any work going on databases from South Asian region?

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Hello All,
My name is Fraser Gaspar and I’m an epidemiologist/biostatistician in the MDGuidelines department at ReedGroup. I work on health informatics tools, as well as independent research involving factors that influence healing time, opioid prescriptions, guideline adherence, and healthcare utilization variability. I work with large medical claims databases mainly using the R statistical software.

I’m mainly interested in collaboration on common research projects. I have access to lots of data and love to work with people to solve problems.

I live in Colorado and like to ski, play hockey, and chat over a beer.


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I am a software and data warehouse developer and entrepreneur. I began my technology career in Silicon Valley working with Ralph Kimball on his first data warehousing startup, Metaphor Computer Systems. I started CallBack Software in 1985 and developed one of the first multiuser Customer Relationship Management Systems. I got involved in healthcare in 1999 working with Dr. Shawn Murphy on the Research Patient Data Registry, which was the prototype for i2b2. Since 2005 have focused on improving healthcare and medical research through better use of data. I was cofounder of Recombinant Data Corp, which helped academic medical centers implement i2b2 and SHRINE, and which developed tranSMART, a genomic analysis platform based on i2b2. Recombinant was acquired by Deloitte in 2012 (it is now known as Converge Health). In 2016, I founded a non-profit, the Autoimmune Registry, which is a national registry for autoimmune diseases modeled on the National Cancer Registry. We have deployed a data collection platform for autoimmune disease patients and a registry where researchers can use i2b2 to discover cohorts. Please contact me if you are interested in autoimmune disease!

This year, I started a new company, Prognosis Data Corp, which seeks to create Learning Healthcare Systems that can improve the lives of patients while using technology to efficiently and effectively direct resources to those who need them. We are developing our solutions using OMOP and OHDSI tools and we look forward to contributing to the OHDSI project.

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I’m a software/ETL developer at Washington University St Louis.We’re participating in a PCORnet project and have been using OMOP for a couple of years. We’ve recently been evaluating “i2b2 on OMOP”, which would be a boon to us if successful. We’re currently trying to find the best way to create the i2b2 search paths that are used to search the fact tables. Getting the ontology is one thing. Creating the hierarchical path is proving to be an interesting challenge! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,
My name is Roman Tsyvine, and for over 20 years, I have worked as a software engineer, technical architect, and team leader, primarily building enterprise, cloud-based solutions for medical research organizations at Elekta (MRS->Impath->Impac->Elekta).
These systems have included treatment planning tools for radiation therapy, brachytherapy and radiosurgery, as well as workflow automation software to support the full spectrum of cancer care.
In March of 2016, Elekta close this project and I joined IT America with the same goal in mind: continue to expand my dedication to the medical information technology sector, a field that I care deeply about.
I worked with data (patient data particularly) all my life and I’m a big believer that collecting and unifying patient data is a critical component of the quality of healthcare and this data needs to be analyzed to further provide the best and most proper care for people especially now, we the data exchange is so easy available to both sides: patient and hospitals/doctors.
I thought about joining OHDSI team for a while and now is a perfect time to become a part of it.

Thank you for what you do! Looking forward to learn and participate!

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Hi there!; I’m in charge of the clinical and biological data in a biomedicine company. We are currently very keen on OHDSI CDM. I’m preparing the enviornment to do the ETL with postgres DB but before I have some questions regarding Achiles and the other applications that allow to perform the data analyzes. Wanna see what is capable to do this set of tools which seem very attractive.

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Hello OHDSI community members,
I am Eran Or and have been in the pharma/biotech scene in Boston for over ten years. I got introduced to OHDSI by a veteran citizen. I am very excited about the possibility of using OHDSI expanding data base of real world clinical evidence to pose new questions and improve human health. I will channel my enthusiasm toward the newly formed genomics data group.
In my free time I try to keep abreast of new developments in human health, read about astronomy and keep in shape :bicyclist: .

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Hi, everybody
I’m Ignacio Fernandez Criado, from Buenos Aires Argentina. I’m an internal medicine physician who is astonished of the future we will be reaching in medicine in the next years. While I was in Medicine School at UBA, health was only for a group of professionals; nowadays there is a great interest in a lot of industries about healthcare and I am sure that the interdisciplinary view will definitely improve population’s health.
I know nothing of programming but a bit of medicine and careing of sick people. Always looking forward to learn and ready to help giving a healthcare everyday worker point of view

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Hi, I am Tammi Lasky, a pharmacoepidemiologist working as a consultant in Baltimore, MD. I’ve heard Patrick speak about OHDSI and I attended the Symposium this past October. I am excited by the whole concept of OHDSI and using Real-World Evidence to improve the ways medications are used in children. The potential to improve the health of children is especially great because it is often more difficult to do a clinical trial in children, and because we usually have small numbers of children with a given condition or disease, so collaboration is essential.

My “children” are grown and would take issue with being called children, and neither one followed me into science. My interests are on the quiet, contemplative side - hiking, sketching, knitting, and the like. Am trying to come out of my shell, a little!

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I’m Bob Kirk. I work as Manager of Database Administration/Analytics at Einstein Medical Center. There, my job is to manage a team that preforms ETL and analytical analysis on observational data from various sources. This is an opportunity to start my journey on delivering answers to questions about disease natural history, treatment utilization,
At Einstein, we utilize many different patient-level datasets (administrative claims, electronic health records, clinical registries), and my goal for achieving our mission is to transform
every database to the OMOP common data model and to adopt the use of OHDSI’s open-source tools as the foundation for our evidence generation process.

In terms of how I’d like to help the OHDSI community: I really like to design and rapidly prototype novel analytical solutions (both back-end statistical modeling and front-end interactive visualizations) that can meet specific evidence needs that I see within my company and across the community.

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