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WebAPI Deployment Error

(Pascal Mattiocco) #1

Hi OHDSI team, I need help here.

I downloaded the WebAPI 2.7.6 from GetHub
My setup:
- SQLServer12 (With TCP/IP enabled and an empty OHDSI database)
- Tomcat 8.5
- WebAPI 2,7,6 (As Is no modifications to the POM or the Application)
- Connectivity to Database server validated

When starting tomcat I’m getting this ERROR Message in the Spring 1.5.20,RELEASE Section.
SEVERE: Unable to create initial connection of pool.com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Login failed for user ‘ohdsi_app_user’. ClientConnectionId:f7feb697-f004-40b0-ad63-ee6735c0398b

Thank you for your help.

(Shweta) #2

I am having same issue but for Postgres

(Ajit Londhe) #3

@pmatt123 - Is this account Windows authenticated, or just a SQL Server account?

(Pascal Mattiocco) #4

Hi Ajit, After your question I did some research and I found that SQL Server can by authenticated by Windows versus just a SQL Server account. Mine is just a SQL Server account. Should I set SQL Server as a Windows authenticated?



(Ajit Londhe) #5

No, just was trying to see if perhaps Win Auth was causing the issue. I know Win Auth can be tricky to use in Linux environments.

But since here we have 2 different users with this issue (and 2 different SQL platforms), maybe there’s something in the latest WebAPI causing it. I’ll have to defer to the experts like @Chris_Knoll and @anthonysena.

(Chris Knoll) #6

The ‘login failed’ message seems pretty clear, are you sure you are passing in the proper credentials?