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User Access / Permissions / Controls

Hi guys!

Can you please tell me which permissions are available to control user access to information in the OHDSI ecosystem?

I heard somewhere in the forum that ATLAS has that capability already built in. If so, where are those options?

Also, we are implementing OHDSI tools using AWS so I know there is user control there as well, if anyone has experience on this which one - ATLAS vs AWS is the better choice to handle user permissions? Perhaps both in tandem is best?

Are there any other layers of control apart from those two?

Can you guys point me to some resource/link about this subject?

Thank you!

Hi @JorgeL ,
I am far from being an expert or having been in the situation to actually implement it. Let me ask though, have you been digging through the WepAPI and ATLAS wiki documentation already?
Here and here could be potential starting points for you.
If that doesn’t help we need to pull someone in with more expertise!
Cheers - Mik

At the Atlas Manage Permissions button located at the Configuration page.

Thank you Mik!

Really appreciate the help and the links.

  • Jorge

Got it jcabrerazuniga! I will check there.

  • Jorge