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Use of CDM to report specific data for identified cohort

So our researchers have built out their concept sets and cohorts, but are now interested in pulling specific data for the found patients out of the CDM for additional analysis.

Is there a tool that, based on a cohort ID, would provide the ability to export details on measurements, drug_exposure, procedure_occurrance, etc.?

Basically, a way to easily export the relevant rows from the tables with some joins to the vocabulary to make it easier for the researchers.

Thanks for any tips!

hi @Chris_Brandt ,

The feature extraction package is specifically built with that use case.

You can also use Atlas cohort characterization to pick those features (Measurement long/medium/short term, condition long/medium/short term, etc) and view the reports.

If you need something more nuanced (something like an inclusion rule for a cohort) you can use the criteria feature do define the logic, and add it to a characterization.