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Upgrade scripts for database migrations

(Sus Verwimp) #1

Hello Everyone,

Currently we have Atlas/WebAPI 2.6.0 in our production environment and 2.7.1 in development. We would like to move to 2.7.1 in production too using the same version of OMOP CDM (5.3.1).

The only problem we face for this upgrade is upgrading the result schema while data is already imported/generated. Is a database migration/upgrade script available?

If no migration/upgrade script is available, can you maybe tell us what data/tables of the result schema are important to migrate (e.g. If users have created a cohort definition and generated inclusion results based on their OMOP CDM source. these generated inclusion results should, in our case, be available in the results schema 2.7.1. We can’t just drop the whole schema and re-create 2.7.1 from scratch).