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Updating achilles, atlas and webapi

Can you confirm that Atlas and WebAPI should be at the same version or not ?
I’ve been asked to

  1. update Achilles,
  2. then Atlas to v2.11.0 or 2.11.1.
    However, we found that once we do this, we get ‘Application inialization failed’ in Atlas.
    And recently received a request to update WebAPI to v2.11.0 or v2.11.1 .

Can you confirm that the upgrade procedure is to do a complete re-install or not ?

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You should try to keep atlas and webapi at the same version. We work to make things backwards compatible (such that atlas 2.10 can talk to webapi 2.11). However, it is usually not possible for Atlas 2.11 (newer) to talk to WebAPI 2.10 (older) because something in Atlas 2.11 will depend on an end point in WebAPI 2.11 that wasn’t available in WebAPI 2.10.

Achilles is slightly disconnected from WebAPI/Atlas, but I think there’s a dependency on Achilles tables such that in order to get the ‘record count’ on vocabulary search, we read from the Achilles tables when WebAPI starts up. However, I don’t think that would lead to a service failure if the tables are not there. Rather, you just won’t see record counts (RC/DRC) on the vocabular search screens.

Is it the current state that you have Atlas 2.11.1 installed, but pointing to a WebAPI that is not up to version 2.11?

Yes. We have an updated Achilles, Atlas 2.11.1 and WebAPI v2.10.1 .

Ok, I think you will run into issues if you have an Atlas 2.11.1 trying to talk to a WebAPI v2.10 because Atlas may expect things as of 2.11 that isn’t present in WebAPI 2.10. Could you update WebAPI?

Hi @lyndon, may I ask if you are using SQL Database for CDM dataset?

@Chris_Knoll. what latest version of webapi and atlas we can update from version 2.10 so it is compatible to MS SQL SERVER

We have using CDM VERSION 5.3 and planning to update to 5.4. Thanks

Atlas and WebAPI are both 2.11.1