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Type concept conventions

(Maxim Moinat) #1

Since the new type concept consolidation, there is a clear list of about 80 type concepts that can be used in every domain. The next step would be to have conventions for what kind of sources are associated with what type concept.
For instance, what is the difference between survey, self-reported, patient-filled survey, register and healthcare provider filled survey.

Is such a convention already available somewhere?
Tagging in some cdm/vocab experts: @MPhilofsky @clairblacketer @ericaVoss @Christian_Reich

(Maxim Moinat) #2

Another use case: let’s say the source contains data collected from wearables. e.g. a daily step count or average wrist heart rate. Is this 32865 self-reported or 32862 - patient filled survey?

Note: a better descriptor would be the now non-standard 44802039 remote assessment.

(Christian Reich) #3
  • 32851 “Healthcare professional filled survey”: A survey filled out by a staff member. The medical precision is expected to be higher compared to patient-filled surveys.
  • 32862 “Patient filled survey”: A survey filled out by the patient. The authenticity is expected to be higher compared to staff-filled surveys.
  • 32883 “Survey”: The hierarchical ancestor to the two.
  • 32865 “Patient self-report”: Data reported by the patient to the provider and usually recorded in the EHR. Surveys are fixed questions and mostly fixed answers.
  • 32879 “Registry”: Information collected by specialized staff to build a survey.

We already have a task to create a definition for each of these.

(Christian Reich) #4

We would add a new one. Do you have such data?

(Maxim Moinat) #5

Yes, the ‘Physical activity’ data from UKB. This includes data from smart watches (i.e. activity data).

And thanks for opening the issue on the Vocabulary repo.