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(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #21


よろしければOHDSI Japanのメンバー登録をしておくとイベント等の案内がメールで届きます。
https://odjpn.doorkeeper.jp/ から上部の「+メンバーになる」へ進んでください。


(Akari Kira) #22

ちなみにOHDSI book の日本語訳版はあるのでしょうか?

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #23


(Akari Kira) #24

I am still learning about OHDSI and OMOP, also I am still a high school student. If that is fine, I would love to help with translating. I believe translating will help me for deeper understanding.
(I could not post edit in Japanese, it says that the text is incomplete)

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #25

(Sure! It says “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” for Japanese texts.)

High school student you were! I thought you were a teacher. It is wonderful. My concern is that since you probably don’t have enough experience in practice of health data analysis, there might be some difficulty to get the full meaning of the jargon or what the text is trying to say. Having said that, actually there is no one who is fluent in all the areas covered by OHDSI. That’s why OHDSI started to work together. When is your summer vacation planned this year?

(Akari Kira) #26

I am in second grade, and currently studying in IB course! Since our school have online classes even during the “lockdown”, we have summer vacation from end of June to end of August.

(Diana) #27

それは素晴らしいですね! これからも平松さんとのお仕事を楽しみにしています!