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THEMIS - Focus Group 4 - Decisions/Updates

This thread will be used to share the progress of the Person, Provider, Death, Location, and Care Site THEMIS sub-group.

We are currently scheduling bi-weekly meetings. Please use this link to help us determine which day works best for everyone.

Wiki site for this sub-group

We have established a reoccurring meeting for this Focus Group. The first one is this Thursday (January 18) at 2 PM EST.

@Tom_Galia - Can you please provide the meeting information here? Thanks.

Hi all (@Christian_Reich and @Tom_Galia in particular) -

I wanted to provide an update regarding the care site specialty that we were discussing on Thursday. I can share with you what we do -

At PEDSnet, we have a specialty_concept_id for our care_site table. This value set is the same value set as the value set for provider.specialty_concept_id (concepts where domain_id=‘Provider Specialty’ and vocabulary_id in (‘Specialty’, ‘ABMS’,‘NUCC’)). The ABMS mappings are the preferred mappings and contributing sites can provide NUCC codes if there is not an adequate ABMS mapping.

We ask that if care site specialty information is unavailable, it just gets mapped to one of our flavors of null. If a care site has multiple specialties, we ask that sites extract the most general specialty that encompasses the multiple specialties available within that care site. If multiple specialties are contained within a particular care site and there is not a way to assign a general specialty, then it gets mapped to a the non-specific concept ‘Pediatric Medicine’ (38004477).

We decided to include care site specialty because it provides information about the specialty practices a patient requires. Additionally, if a patient is seen by a provider that has multiple specialties, care site specialty can provide more accurate information about the purpose of a particular visit. Also, care site specialty information can be useful for sites that have poor provider specialty mappings or do not assign specialties well. I can speak from experience in using the database that having a specialty_concept_id contains very useful information about services rendered and is informative for phenotyping patients. It is often the case that a provider specialty can not be assigned to a particular visit (e.g., if a patient was seen by multiple providers or if provider specialty is unavailable), so having the care site specialty is informative. It also provides useful metadata about the setting in which a patient was seen that is not readily available elsewhere.

Agree with razzaghih, also related to this post Provider Specialty code set clean up

Continuing there.

Hi @razzaghih,

I have been looking around for the latest versions of the CMS, NUCC, ABMS, and HES Specialty code sets. I found all except the ABMS. The last published version I found was from Elsevier in 2012. ABMS told me that Elsevier “no longer has access to the list and cannot publish more updated information”. The ABMS representative informed me that they don’t know where to find a current list and I should try the AMA. Would you share your list? I haven’t made it very far with the AMA.